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Local: Usually the destination is within 100 miles of the origin. You will
to the destination, unloads and drives back to the origin (this 'driving
time and need to get paid for it).
If you are renting a truck, you will also pay the mileage charges on the truck to
get it back to where you rented it.
Long distance: Usually the destination is greater than 100 miles. A mover
there are estimator cannot see the house you are moving to, however, and if
there are any unforeseen difficulties on the unload (long narrow driveway that
the truck won't fit in, flights of stairs, etc) you might be liable for an extra
charge before the driver will unload your stuff (he will want the money in cash).
This extra charge is actually fair, but it usually makes a person angry if
unexpected. You should discuss this possibility with your mover. If you are
renting a truck. you can usually get a one way rate for the truck that is
cheaper than the local rate (when the drive back is factored in). A one way rental
also means that you can leave the truck at the destination. Make sure to rent a big
enough truck for all your stuff though.
To Storage: This could be a local or long distance move. The only difference is that
the destination will be a storage unit of some kind. Some of the long distance movers will
eventually move you from storage. Moving stuff from a truck into a storage unit is faster
then moving stuff into a house, so the labor cost will be less for the unload. There should
not be any 'unforeseen' charges on the unload either. There will be an extra expense for
that protected things in the truck will be taken away by the mover or returned to the
rental company).
This is because they will be two separate moves, each with its own expenses.
consider this one move, when it is really two moves.
From Storage: This usually a local move.