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The best tape for the money is the 110 yard plastic brown tape. Two strips across the
bottom of a box works well.
The brown tape is recommended over the clear tape, unless you have a tape against
the roll and if the tape is clear, you can't see the end (frustrating). If you have a
dispenser, use the clear tape as the 'end' problem will not occur and you can tape
over any writing on the box and still see the writing.
The paper tape is good in thay you can tear off pieces from the roll without using scissors
(or your teeth). It is much more expensive, though.
Price: $1.49, $1.49, $2.99, $4.69, $7.75

Size: 2x55, 2x55, 2x110, 2x110, 2x60

Item #: 55C, 55T, 110C, 110T, KT2