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Medium Wardrobe Box
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We stock the medium wardrobe box for people who only have a regular car. The
medium wardrobe will fold in half, and with a little work, can slide into most cars.
If your move is a local move and is being done by a professional mover, check with the
mover prior to purchasing wardrobe boxes. Some movers provide the wardrobe boxes
for you (they set them up on the day of your move, fill them, unload them into your new
closet and then take them away).
Price: $12.82
Size: 20x20x45 (10.4 cubic feet)   Item # MWR
Wardrobe boxes are strong double-walled boxes available metal bar that goes across
the top. Clothes can be taken directly from you closet and hung on the bar. At your
new location, just take the clothes off the bar and hang them in your new closet.
Bar:    $ 1.00