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Dish box inserts are designed for dish boxes (the inserts are 18"x18" and so fit into the
dish box snugly). The 7 inch insert creates 16 compartments that are ideal for cups and
glasses. Tow 7 inch inserts can be put one on top of each other to accommodate
glasses taller than 7 inches.
The 13 inch insert creates 9 compartments and is not quite as useful as the 7 inch insert,
but can be used for plates and vases.
Since both the inserts and the dividers go all the way to the edges of the box, the dish
box will be greatly strengthened, further protecting the fragile items inside.
The divider is a square of corrugated 18"x18". It can be used as a 'floor' under the
inserts, or without the inserts to create different layers in the packed dish box.
Size: 18x18x7, 18x18x13, 18x18
Price: $3.29 (inserts), $0.86 (divider)
Item #: INS7, INS13, INSD