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Don't try to pack everything all at once. Do a little at a time over
several days.
Do not use plastic bags to pack your stuff an to save money. Always use boxes.
Carrying and loading bags onto a truck is a nightmare and your stuff will get tell
you that the stuff must be in boxes and will either charge you to put the stuff in
boxes, or will stand around watching you put the stuff in boxes (while the time clock
is ticking).
Start by packing seldom used items.
Mark each box as you pack it with the room and a box number.
Keep a log of the rooms/box numbers and there contents. Leave room in the
log for comments, etc. Note down boxes with a high value. Your mover should
'missing' disputes with your mover.
Fill boxes up as much as possible. Boxes with space at the top will tend to
spaces throughout them will shift around during your move, possibly causing
damage to the items and causing the boxes to crush in.
Tape the bottoms and the tops securely.
Heavier items should go toward the bottom of the box.
Boxes should not weigh more than 50 pounds. Heavier boxes
are hard to move and the contents could get damaged.
As you pack, always ask yourself 'Do I need this?' The more things you can throw away
or donate means the less you have to move and unpack. You will be surprised at the
amount of 'junk' that is floating around your house! (We constantly here stories about
how someone took two pickup truck loads to the trash and two to Goodwill prior to their
move and then did the same thing after unpacking at the end of the move).
Try not to use tape on any wooden items (to prevent damages to the finish).
Stretch film wrapped around the wooden item will hold things in place as well as
tape in most cases.
Pack these items in a separate box or two. Mark them plainly so that you can
find them easily at your new location. These will be the boxes you unpack first,
so that you can eat and drink something without making a mess.
Use clean packing paper rather than newspapers for cushioning. Although
packing paper will cost more, you will save money and time in the long run.
(newspaper dirty, causing you to have to wash all your stuff, your clothes,
clean furniture that it rubbed on, etc.)