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Only if you are lucky. The grocery business has changed in the last twenty years.
Most stores have found it is better to crush boxes into bales. They then sell the
bales to a recycler. This method is more efficient and makes them a little money.
Does everything need to go in boxes?
All packable items should be in some sort of box. This makes moving the items to
boxes. If you are moving yourself, and don't box everything, you will regret it.
Can recommend a mover?
No we do not recommend movers, check moving links.
Yes. The price lists found here are only for moving boxes. We carry a lot of
packaging and moving. We don't carry stationary, gifts, greeting cards, etc.
Can I use newspaper for cushioning?
Sure, if you want to get yourself and everything else dirty. The only difference
(which rubs off) and packing paper has no ink on it.
How many boxes do I need?
As many as needed to hold all your stuff. There is no one answer to this as mover is
moving you, have him give you two quotes, one for packing and one for moving.
The packing quote will contain the number of boxes (by size) that he thinks you will
need. These numbers will be a good starting place.
We make deliveries in our local area. There is a delivery charge which varies
depending on how far we have to go. Call us for details
Can I order on line?
Not at this time. This web site is not set up as an e-commerce site. Sorry. [b
Your mover would love to do the packing for you!! Movers will charge you their
basic labor rate (about $80 an hour for 2 people) to do this. This adds up pretty
fast. Most movers will try to sell you the boxes and do the packing also. Boxes
purchased from a mover are more expensive. If you insist that they just pack the
boxes you have already purchased, most of them will do this.
Nothing is for free. He will pad his quote somewhere else to make up for the
'free' boxes. The 'free' word does catch your attention though, does it not.
My mover said that if I pack it, it won't be insured.
This is more of a 'pressure' sales pitch to get you to pay for their packing, but is
true to a certain extent. If you pack it, the mover will not know how it is packed.
 If you pack it correctly and items are damaged in the correctly packed box,
they will usually be covered by any insurance you have purchased. If you pack it
incorrectly and items are damaged in the incorrectly packed box, they will
usually not be covered by any insurance. The final determination will be made by
an inspector from the moving company.
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