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Turn off and unplug the items and let them cool down for a bit.
Make a quick wiring diagram of any connecting cables between
components. Label the cables with masking tape to match your
diagram. Tie the cables together and tape your diagram to the cable
bundle. Try to pack the connecting cables in the same boxes as the
components (setup at your new location will be easier this way).
Tape down any movable parts or doors.
Remove any ink cartridges from printers or fax machines. Put the
cartridges in a plastic bag.
Wrap any electrical cord around the component and put the component in
a plastic trash bag (this will prevent 'things' from getting into the
Wrap the bagged component in bubble wrap or paper pads (depending
on how fragile it is).
Pack the items in strong boxes (dish boxes or a utility box) if they will fit
well. Leave two inches between the component and the inside edge of
the box.
Fill this two inches with crumpled paper pads or bubble wrap.
components by at least one inch. Fill this one inch separation
with crumpled paper pads or bubble wrap.
Tape the box closed and mark the outside Fragile. [back to pack]