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Everyday dishes can be wrapped in packing paper. More valuable
dishes should be wrapped in bubble paper or put in foam pouches.
A rule of thumb is to use more/better cushioning as the value of the
items go up.
Also use more/better cushioning as the fragility of the item goes up.
Each dish should be wrapped individually
Three or four wrapped dishes should then be wrapped together
Line the bottom of a dish box with crumpled packing paper.
Put in a dish divider (square cardboard piece)
Put the 'dish packets' on the divider. Make sure to keep them at least
Use crumpled packing paper to line the sides of the box as you pack
Put another divider in and repeat with another layer of dishes.
Put another layer of crumpled paper at the top when filled and seal the
Write FRAGILE on the outside of the box. When loading a moving truck,
try to put these boxes near the top of a stack