Box Stop & Shipping Center
All Major Credit
Cards Accepted
Wrap appliances in packing paper or your own towels.
Wrap any glass parts with bubble wrap.
Pad the bottom of a box with a layer of crumpled
packing paper
Line the sides of the box with crumpled packing paper. Also try to
put a little crumpled paper between the items.
Put another layer of crumpled paper at the top of the box prior to
sealing the box.
Check the owners manual for any special instructions.
Clean the appliances as well as possible
Tape down any loose pieces (cords, hoses, etc.)
On moving day, your mover will wrap the appliances in blankets for. If
you are moving yourself, make sure to have enough blankets on hand
to wrap the appliances yourself. The blankets can be tied or taped on.
If you have a gas dryer make sure to turn of the gas line before
disconnecting the dryer from the line. This is important! If you do not
feel confident in doing this, contact your mover or the gas company for
Disconnect the exhaust hose from the back.
Unplug the dryer if it is electric.
Any accessories (including the exhaust hose), can go into the dryer.
Tape the door and lint scree down. Tape the electrical cord to the dryer.
Try to do all your wash two days before the move.
Stuff towels around the basket so it will move around as little as
possible (some movers carry a 'washer kit' that will stabilize the
Make sure to turn off the water lines to the washer. When the water is
off, disconnect the hoses from the water lines.
Disconnect the hoses and the drain hose from the back of the washer,
put them in a plastic bag and put the bag into the basket.
You can fill the basket with pillows, stuffed animals, etc if you want. Make
sure to put a box of baking soda in with this stuff to cut down on mildew
Tape the door shut and the cord to the machine.
Several days before your move, stop buying perishable food's.
throw anything away that is still in there on the day of your move.
The day before your move unplug the refrigerator to let it warm up
and defrost.
If you have an automatic icemaker, turn off the water going into the
refrigerator, then disconnect the hose from the refrigerator.
There is usually a drain pan under the the refrigerator. Empty it out
after the appliance defrosts.
Take any shelves or racks off of there places and tape them down
securely inside the refrigerator. If the shelves are glass, wrap each
one with a layer of bubble paper prior to taping them down. Do this
for both the refrigerator and freezer compartments.
Washing Machine
Get the interior of the machine as dry as possible.
Tape the doors shut and tape the cord to the machine.