Box Stop & Shipping Center
4 to 14 days before moving
All Major Credit
Cards Accepted
Start packing. Begin with seldom used items.
Begin to consume the contents of your freezer and refrigerator.
Use up any flammables that you can. Set aside any that you can't
Return any borrowed items and collect all items that you may have
loaned out.
Notify any utility companies as to the date you want the utility out of
your name or disconnected. Check with them to see if you have any
deposits, also. Make sure the phone will be disconnected the day
Contact utility companies at your new location so that services can
Put in a change of address card with the post office.
Notify magazines to which you subscribe of your change of address
(sometimes magazines and newspapers are not forwarded by the
post office).
Check to make sure your new location will be ready for you.
If selling your house, make sure everything is on track.